Change: Game Over or Start Over?

Feel like going back to writing

Quarantine day who knows what, and I’m finding myself motivated to start writing after again who knows how long. Sitting in front of two screens, I’m brainstorming by myself; I get the feeling that some of these thoughts should be written down, no? I might need them later on. Well, let’s give it a try.

Don’t expect any structure whatsoever.

I’ve always loved writing- I do express myself better for sure, but lately, I’ve been a bit lost. Was it this ducking virus? Was it moving from one country to another AGAIN? Was it that I thought I had my life together but eventually didn’t? Blah blah blah, I know, I’ll figure it out myself, no worries there. Let’s move on then.

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They say everything happens for a reason and that sooner or later, all puzzle pieces get in place. Oh, these months have been a handful! With everything changing, I’d say I caught myself overthinking and planning on what’s next. I even found myself becoming a bit neurotic. It could drive me crazy, but good god it didn’t. So here I come with my braaaainstorming punchline:

Is change a “Game Over” or a “Start Over” phase?

I’m pretty sure you’ve been yourself in a situation you couldn’t straight away define whether you’re in a “game over” or a “start over” kinda phase. Well, those two usually go hand in hand; it’s just that it simply takes us a while to realize and see which one we’re heading for. At least in my case. And this while could be catastrophic. Or maybe not and let’s focus on that; it could bring out the creativity and positivity one has been hiding inside. It’s us that should make that decision; should I stay, or should I go now? (singing while typing). Can you find and distinguish the silver lining fast? Hey, I don’t think so. If yes, tell me how!

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So I’m gonna start with some motivational quotes. When a door closes, a new one opens, they say. Get up and open that door. There should be someone knocking or at least waiting for you- and if not, hey, that’s why the door handles are there for. Stop wasting time on hypotheses on what could have been done differently or what should be done from now on. Go with the flow, trust your gut, and you’ll be fine. Yes, it’s stressful when shit goes down, but we gotta see somehow the bright side of it. Don’t waste your time analyzing stuff; find what you’re good at, and simply…again, go with the flow! Leave the perfect life plan aside- many things happen in between. Be ready for these changes, even if you’ve never considered them. I’ve been once told that “Time is our greatest luxury. Wasting it is bad manners”. Don’t you have manners?

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What’s your insight?

I’ll strike back with more stories, I believe…depending on the mood. Told ya, expect no structure. Sloan told me to get back on track and back to what I like and what I used to like — finally, I had to. I like many things, content is one of those, and after all, it can be done while at home. Works for me at the moment. So let’s see how it goes. Happy quarantine, season 2, off we go! Cheers!




Freelance content creator & New Media Master’s graduate with a passion for traveling, psychology, social media & yoga :D

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

Freelance content creator & New Media Master’s graduate with a passion for traveling, psychology, social media & yoga :D

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